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Centre for Health Innovation

Centre for Health Innovation

The biggest challenges for human health – including Cancer, infectious diseases, health data, and personalized care – can only be addressed by combining a range of expertise and disciplines. The Centre for Health Innovation (CHI) brings together interdisciplinary investigators to fuel a solutions-based approach to translational health research, applying knowledge generated at the university to improving patient care and health outcomes.

CHI is an evolution of the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC), which connected experts in medicine, engineering, and computer science to develop innovative treatments for bone and joint disorders. CHI will continue this work, while broadening its goals to address other health challenges, like infectious diseases, and using advanced technology to optimize treatment, diagnostics, and patient outcomes through precision medicine.

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CHI is a partnership between Queen's and Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and serves as a hub of collaboration for medicine, engineering, health sciences, and computer science experts. It provides shared research space and services for clinicians, surgeons, university faculty, students, and industry.

The Centre for Health Innovation offers an interactive and multi-disciplinary research environment where students and faculty from diverse backgrounds meet and collaborate.  As such, students register through their home faculty – Engineering and Applied Science, Arts and Science, and Health Sciences and come together at CHI for their research.