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Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

Researching for the future and augmenting the present. The Ingenuity Labs Research Institute is a collaborative research initiative focused on creating intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life.

Its researchers are interdisciplinary experts in fields from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber-human systems, to robot control, smart sensors, and mechatronic devices. Supported by a $16 million philanthropic gift, the Institute is housed in Mitchell Hall with a dedicated 12,000 sq. ft. research space, including open spaces for experiments and state-of-the-art fabrication facilities.

Hosted by Smith Engineering, Ingenuity Labs researchers integrate creativity, collaboration, and invention in their work to facilitate the complex interactions between humans, engineering machines and infrastructure, as well as their natural and social environments.

The Institute maintains four core and highly interconnected technical competencies:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Intelligent Sensors and Actuators

  • Robotics, Mechatronics, and Autonomous Systems

  • Human-Machine Systems

The Institute currently focuses on three primary application themes:

  • Smart Environments and Infrastructure

  • Human Sensing and Assistive Devices

  • Intelligent Mobile Systems

  • Partnerships
  • Student Opportunities

Ingenuity Labs researchers collaborate locally, nationally, and internationally with industry, government, and academia on a variety of projects that affect people’s lives, from health care to natural and extractive resources. For more information, visit the Ingenuity Labs website.

Ingenuity Labs boasts an interactive and multi-disciplinary research environment where students and faculty from diverse backgrounds meet and collaborate.  Research opportunities exist to participate in collaborative and hands-on research projects in the application of artificial intelligence and robotics in all areas of engineering and computer science.