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Institute of Intergovernmental Relations

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations

The Institute of Intergovernmental Relations (IIGR) at Queen's University is Canada's premier university-based centre for research on all aspects of Canadian and comparative federalism and intergovernmental relations.

Housed in the School of Policy Studies, but interdisciplinary in orientation, the IIGR boasts a number of faculty associates across departments at Queen's, letting it draw on the latest developments in political science, economics, philosophy, law, and sociology.

The IIGR maintains an active research and publications program. Over the years, it has been a leader in contributing to public debate on issues such as national unity, Canada-Quebec relations, fiscal federalism, constitutional reform, and the social union. Current research interests of the Institute’s associates include federalism and public health, fiscal federalism and public debt, Indigenous politics, as well as the effects of federalism on elections and political behaviour. The Institute's research has involved scholars and practitioners from across Canada and overseas.

At a hands-on level, the IIGR provides a neutral venue where federal and provincial officials, key decision-makers, and scholars can meet and discuss the issues and challenges confronting the country.

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The IIGR is active in an international network of federalism scholars. A member of the International Association of Centres for Federal Studies, the Institute plays a leading role, through that association and other international bodies, in offering Canadian expertise abroad. IIGR scholars have been active in a host of federal and quasi-federal countries including Russia, South Africa, Kenya, Pakistan, Cyprus, Yugoslavia, and a variety of other countries in Europe. The Institute is also contributing to the growing international interest in federal studies.

One of the IIGR’s key mandates is to help its students and junior researchers develop skills and experience, and provide them with opportunities for advancement in the field. The IIGR has an active and expanding roster of student and post-doctoral fellows. The IIGR provides them with financial and research support, and promotes their involvement in Canadian and international federalism networks. The IIGR also provides opportunities for students and post-doctoral fellows to publish in its Working Paper series, to give talks at the Institute, and more.