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Translational Institute of Medicine (TIME)

Translational Institute of Medicine (TIME)

TIME is a virtual institute created to capture the breadth of translational research at Queen’s University, and to maximize sharing of state-of-the-art research platforms and expertise between research groups in Queen’s Department of Medicine and their collaborators.

Its mission to enhance collaboration and optimize access to research platforms, expertise, and training for its formalized network is through the following:

  • Operationalizing research platforms by funding operator/scientist positions as highly qualified personnel with technical skills to run advanced equipment

  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research meetings, seminars, and training opportunities for its members

  • Creation of a web-based research networking software, TIME UNIWeb, where members easily identify required equipment and expertise to compete at the highest level

  • Creation of a new Translational Medicine Graduate Program

  • Providing stimulus via grants and by leading external multidisciplinary funding applications

  • Partnerships
  • Student Opportunities

Within the context of TIME, the Department of Medicine offers two unique programs: MSc and PhD in Translational Medicine. They are the first research-based graduate programs focused on translational medicine at both the master’s and doctoral levels in Canada. The programs are entirely unique by offering a curriculum interweaving graduate level research with authentic clinical experiences, such as patient interactions, clinical observerships, and medical rounds, in a multidisciplinary environment across departments at Queen’s.

This unique curriculum will offer important foundation work for future careers in the biomedical field, and will provide critical skills for pursuing careers that include clinician scientists, biomedical researchers, leaders in industry, and public health and health policy.