Queen’s new Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Response Policy (H&D Policy) — announced in early August — took effect on September 1.

The new H&D Policy, which also prompted updates to the Student Code of Conduct to bring it into alignment, provides improved reporting mechanisms for individual and systemic instances of harassment and discrimination across all university-related spaces and activities. Learn more about the H&D Policy on the University Secretariat’s website.

To ensure that members of the university community are aware of the new H&D Policy, information sessions are scheduled to run during the Fall term commencing in October, with additional training to be forthcoming thereafter.

While the new H&D Policy streamlines harassment and discrimination complaints and reports, it is separate and distinct from the Queen’s Policy on Sexual Violence Involving Queen’s University Students (SV Policy), which outlines the university’s response to disclosures and complaints about sexual violence experienced by students. Under the SV Policy, all university employees are required to notify Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Services when they receive a disclosure of sexual violence from a student, though they are not required to share the name of the student without the student’s consent. Additionally, the employee is required to provide the student information about available supports and services, and the existence of the SV Policy.

Find more information about the SV Policy.