Our goal is to become highly recognizable on campus so that students, staff, faculty and visitors can know who to reach out to for assistance. The process of creating our new patrol uniform was a consultative one, along with many campus groups such as the Alma Mater Society of Queen's University and Queen's University School of Graduate Studies.

Campus Security has become a more investigative unit and supervises all other security contractors on campus. As such, the campus community needs to be able to tell our staff apart from other security staff working at various locations around campus.

Along with a new design for our department crest, we have also obtained personal protective equipment and high visibility jackets to assist us in serving the community better and keeping ourselves safe. Safety of all on campus is our priority and our staff work after traditional hours, meaning we deal with people not associated or welcome on campus more frequently.

Please feel free to approach our staff when you see them to speak about the new patrol uniforms and ask any questions!

Campus security team wearing new uniformsCampus security team wearing new uniformsCampus security team wearing new uniforms