Campus Security and Emergency Services has recently received reports of students being solicited for money for a Queen’s charity from an individual identifying themselves as a Queen’s student. There is no known Queen’s charity operating in this fashion.

It appears Asian students are being targeted in populated Student Life areas. The fraudster indicates he is raising money for children and has brochures that are professional looking. The person is very persuasive and accompanies people to a bank machines to obtain money or pushes for people to e-Transfer him money.

Campus Security and Emergency Services would like to remind students to be vigilant when approached for donations. Ask questions and verify a person’s credentials. If you want to donate do your research – any legitimate charity will be happy to provide proof they are a legitimate organization.  Treat anyone who hurries you, suggests going to a bank machine, or who asks for an e-Transfer, with suspicion; they are trying to get money before you have a chance to think about the situation.

Please contact Campus Security and Emergency Services at 613-533-6080 (non-emergency) if you see someone on campus raising funds in a suspicious way.