Raico Laria-Lamela

Associate Director, Biohazard, Radiation and Chemical Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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Raico works with the Queen's University Biohazard Committee and the Radiation Safety Committee to promote a high standard of safe practice within University laboratories, ensuring compliance with applicable federal, provincial and international statues, standards and guidelines, while supporting the research mission of the university.

As the Biosafety Officer and the Radiation Safety Officer, Raico is accountable for the effective management, administration, planning and coordination of the biohazard, radiation and chemical safety programs for the university.  Together with his team of laboratory safety technicians, Raico provides information and advice on importation, receipt and inventorying, handling, decontamination and disposal of hazardous laboratory materials; reviews applications for Biohazard and Radioisotope Permits; and monitors compliance by conducting site visits.

Raico is also a member of the University HAZMAT Team and is the primary emergency response person for incidents involving biological, radioactive, or chemical hazards.