As part of focused efforts to keep the campus community safe, individuals should continue to self-screen using the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool and follow appropriate directions if experiencing any symptoms of illness.


Sign Type Recommended Usage Responsibility for Posting

Hand Washing Poster -
Towel Dry (PDF, 281 KB)
Air Dry (PDF, 277 KB)

Posted by hand washing facilities in washrooms, lunchrooms, and other locations with sinks.

Facilities – Washrooms Building/Department

Managers – Other locations with sinks

Hand Sanitizing Poster (PDF, 252 KB)

Posted by hand sanitizer stations and bottles

Facilities – Building sanitizing stations

Departments – Bottles locations

Coughing/Sneezing Etiquette Poster (PDF, 648 KB)

Post widely in common areas

Building/Department Managers – Print on standard paper and post