The Department of Environmental Health Safety has a Hazardous Materials Inventory System in place to provide information on the locations and condition of various confirmed and suspected asbestos containing material on campus. This system is only accessible to members of the University community who are required to work with or in near proximity to confirmed and suspected asbestos containing materials.

Implementation of an effective Asbestos Management Program is further confirmation of Queen’s University commitment to the protection of the University Community and the protection of the environment.

Important aspects of this program include the identification, handling, removal and disposal of asbestos containing material during both normal operations and during construction projects. Our Hazardous Materials Inventory System is constantly being updated based off of testing, abatement work and assessments of confirmed and suspected asbestos containing materials on campus, this is completed by both the University and external contractors.

For information and assistance contact Tyler MacDonald at or at Ext. 79408

Queen's University maintains a Hazardous Materials Inventory System (HMIS) as part of our overall Asbestos Management Program. Staff and faculty members will be given access to this inventory system if, based off of the type of work they perform and their proximity to asbestos containing materials, we determine that they could be exposed to asbestos containing building materials during the normal course of their work. If you believe that you should have access to the inventory system please contact us. An asbestos awareness course is also offered by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety for those who do need to perform work in close proximity to confirmed and suspected asbestos containing materials.