Departmental Safety Officers

Queen’s University’s Departmental Safety Officers are representatives of a faculty, department, unit or school who are familiar and knowledgeable about the operations in their areas, as well as any related or potential hazards and required controls. They play an important role in supporting the university’s commitment to healthy and safe work environments.

The Departmental Safety Officer is a vital communications link between Environmental Health and Safety and individual administrative units.

The position is filled by a person designated by the Department Head

The following checks and monthly inspections are required to comply with the Ontario Fire Code.

Ongoing fire door checks

  • Ensure doors operate freely and close properly with self-closer
  • May not be propped open with wedges or feet – magnetic hold opens only

Ongoing things to watch for

  • Excessive extension cord usage
  • No storage permitted in stairwells, hallways or exit routes
  • Sprinklers, heat and smoke detectors obstructed
  • Exit signs burned out or damaged
  • Ceiling tiles missing, damaged or not in place

Monthly fire extinguisher inspection

  • No obstruction to access or visibility
  • Location in designated place (secured bracket or hose cabinet)
  • Pressure indicator in the operable range
  • Safety pin held in place with anti-tamper seal
  • Pressure indicator in the green
  • Examine for physical damage, corrosion, leakage, or clogged nozzle
  • Tag must be dated and signed

Monthly hose cabinet inspection

  • No obstruction to access or visibility
  • Door operates freely & glass is intact
  • Hose is rolled neatly or hanging on rack
  • No obvious physical damage or mildew
  • Hose is connected nozzle and standpipe
  • No garbage in cabinet