Asbestos Awareness Training

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The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Queen's University Asbestos Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requires half-day Asbestos Awareness Training for any employee who may come in contact with asbestos through the course of work. This training is required for anyone who works with or in proximity to asbestos containing materials and is not mandatory training for every employee. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety will make all arrangements for this training upon demand.

The asbestos awareness training will cover all aspects of asbestos, from the associated hazards to how to protect yourself by using safe work practices.

Once enough participates have signed up for the course we will set a date and arrange for this training session. If your department would like to sign up as a group you can contact Tyler MacDonald at ext. 79408 or by email at

All Courses are in Complex B176 of Mac-Corry Hall, in either the Seminar Room or Lecture Theatre unless otherwise specified.

There is a fee for this course (cost not yet finalized) and a valid account code is required to register. We require 2 days notice if you wish to cancel. Departments will be charged $50.00 for cancellations without required notice or 'no-shows'.

Course Registration

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