Health & Safety Awareness Training

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Awareness Training

Ontario Regulation 297/13 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act came into force on July 1, 2014.

Under this regulation every employer in Ontario must ensure all workers and supervisors complete, or have completed, an awareness training program that meets the regulatory requirements. This is mandatory in all workplaces in Ontario.

Workers must take the training as soon as possible after being hired. Supervisors must take the training prior to assuming a supervisory role. The Queen’s Health and Safety Awareness course includes regulatory requirements for both workers and supervisors.

Due to the specific content of the Queen’s University Health and Safety Awareness training, Awareness training received from previous employers or organizations is not accepted.

Queen's University policy for new employee orientation can be found at New Employee Health & Safety Orientation (PDF 109 KB)

Training Link

Awareness training is available in OnQ. To access OnQ you will need a computing Net ID. If you do not have one, please contact either your supervisor or Departmental Computing Representative.


Register for courses/quizzes in onQ. Select "EHS 001 - Health & Safety Awareness Training"

If you are returning to a quiz that you started earlier (in progress) you do not need to self-register again. From the Self-Registration page, click on the "OnQ" icon at the top to return to OnQ Home.  

Health & Safety Awareness Training only needs to be completed once, per employer.  Therefore, within Queen's University, you only need to complete this training one time, for all positions within Queen's.


Self Register Instructions (PDF 208 KB) are available for those who require assistance.

You will require Microsoft PowerPoint to do the training. If your computer does not have it installed, please contact your Departmental Computing Representative.

The course consists of the following sectors:

  • Personal Questionnaire -You need to "Submit" this first Quiz to move forward (We require your Name, Department, and Staff/Student Number).
  • Module 1 - Introduction and Legislation
  • Module 2 - Rights and Duties
  • Module 3 - Workplace Hazards
  • Module 4 - Incident Reporting and Sources of Information
  • Final Quiz

After completing each section, the next section will be released. If it doesn’t release simply reload the page.

After completing the quiz, a page will open showing all the questions, your response and the correct response. The next page will show your final grade. Please print this page as proof of taking the course.

What’s Next?

After completing the quiz your supervisor or departmental safety officer will orient you to your new department. A pro forma orientation questionnaire is available on our website at Orientation Checklist 

Due to the specific requirements of your department, their orientation form will have additional sections, or less sections than the pro forma.