Hoist and Crane Training

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Lift Equipment Training 

The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Queen’s University Hoist & Crane Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (PDF 49.4 KB) requires that anyone using lift equipment take the applicable lift equipment training course and be re-certified every three years. An evaluation must be performed on the operator by a supervisor 18 months after the original training session.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is arranging for customized “Lift Equipment” training. Courses are as follows:

  • Pallet Trucks, Lift Tables, Walker Stackers and Loading Dock Levellers
  • Hoists and Cranes

Please make sure that anyone who operates any of the above stated equipment in the department are registered to attend the appropriate training session(s). Some may be required to attend more than one training session (if operating more than one type of lifting equipment).

These courses are open to all faculty, staff and students who are required to operate any lifting device at Queen’s. Attendance is mandatory in order to operate any lifting equipment.

These courses are available year round upon demand in order to better serve the Universities needs. Departments are asked to sign up as a group so that the training components can be tailored to the departments needs and the practical evaluations performed in your work space with your own equipment.

Courses will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants and a minimum of 5 participants are required in order to schedule the training. If you do not have the minimum required number of trainees, arrangements can be made to combine people from different departments into one training session.

There will be a cost involved, so please provide an account number when registering.

Elevated Work Platform training can also be arranged for those who need to be trained on the use of Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts and Man Lifts, however, it's strongly recommended that this training takes place at the trainers facility. This will allow for the practical evaluations to take place in a quiet, no traffic setting.


To sign your department up for these training sessions please contact Tyler MacDonald at ext. 79408 or by email at tyler.macdonald@queensu.ca