Ladder Safety Training

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The ladder safety training covers sliding, fixed and portable ladders (extension, single, mobile ladder stand, mobile ladder platform). Section 73 of Regulation 851 (Industrial Establishments) made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act prescribes the required features and use of portable ladders in the context of an industrial workplace. Non-compliance with Section 73 may create a hazard for the worker. Requirements for the instruction/training of workers, maintenance of equipment, and the use of personal, protective equipment, such as fall arrest, may also apply in specific circumstances. In addition to legal requirements relating to the features and use of ladders, workplace parties should also consider safe practices, such as: the correct choice of ladder in specific circumstances, how to set it up, its weight capacity, and environmental conditions in which the ladder is being used in the workplace.

You must watch the video 'A Practical Approach to Ladder Safety' prior to completing the Ladder Safety Quiz. Request a copy of the video from EH&S.

Ladder Safety Quiz