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All of our on-line courses and quizzes are now offered in onQ. If you require help with accessing onQ please first review the Self Registration Instructions below. If you still cannot resolve the issue with onQ please email safety@queensu.ca for assistance.

You will need a Queen's NET ID to log into onQ. Your computer will require pop-ups enabled for the on-line training programs to function. Safety Awareness/Orientation training also requires audio.

Once you have completed self-registration for an on-line training course or quiz, you will need to enter your Staff/Student ID number in the Personal Information quiz. It may be helpful to have your Staff/Student number ready before logging in.

You will need to:

-Self-register in an EHS topic

-Submit a personal information Quiz

-Complete modules and submit Quiz

Register for courses/quizzes in onQ

Self Register Instructions (PDF 208 KB) are available for those who require assistance.

If you are returning to a quiz that you started earlier (in progress), you do not need to self-register again. From the self-registration page, your training topic will be listed at the top of the page, beside "My Home: Select a course".