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Malumir Logan

Adjunct Professor

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A deeply interdisciplinary professional with two decades of experience, Malumir has spent the most recent decade delivering both formal and informal leadership with increasing responsibility on high visibility portfolios in three orders of public service in Canada. From negotiating the terms of a multi-billion dollar funding agreement, to overseeing a $2 billion infrastructure program, and leading a team through several organizational transformations, Malumir's modus operandi has been to deliver exemplary people-centered leadership with wise stewardship.

In addition to her Master of Public Administration from Queen's University and Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University, Malumir also spent a decade in multidisciplinary fulltime work experience which helped to inform her broad and inclusive perspective, including experience in media, the education sector and frontline customer service. Malumir is also a small business owner, a mixed settler and neurodivergent. Malumir identifies as she and her.