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Welcome to our incoming class of 2020-21

Welcome to our incoming class of 2020-21 MPA and PMPA students! 

As you know, COVID-19 has meant that the University has taken the extraordinary step of moving to remote delivery of our courses for Fall 2020.  

During this time, we are committed to providing you all with an excellent academic experience that makes full use of the tools that we have available.  We know that there will be challenges along the way, but all members of the School are working hard to make the experience as smooth as possible.  We thank you all for your patience and for your participation as we take on this challenge!

We will be in regular contact with all students and encourage you to reach out to us for support, mentoring and guidance as you would in a typical year.  We look forward to meeting you all and to a successful year!

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Interested in the Queen's MPA program?  Watch the video above for a sneak peek.

Governance Working Group Op-Ed Series

The School has created a Governance Working Group (GWG) of leading scholars and practitioners to assess the operation of Canadian governing institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of op-eds in the Ottawa Citizen begins that task by offering key insights into the operation of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government using core principles of federalism, constitutionalism, the rule of law, ministerial responsibility and accountability.

Governance Working Group Opeds in the Ottawa Citizen



Preserving Canadian democracy

Preserving Canadian democracy

Experts in the School of Policy Studies are investigating the pandemic’s impact on government in a new op-ed series being published in the Ottawa Citizen. It will explore topics such as democracy, executive accountability, public services, and government debt and is authored by members of the School's Working Group on Governance (GWG)

The GWG, has now entered the conversation on how the pandemic has affected the Canadian government with this series titled “The Coronavirus Challenge to Government in Canada,” which features eight articles informed by the expertise of the authors. The series began in late May and will run to mid-July.

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