Smoke-Free University Policy

On June 1st, 2019, in order to encourage a culture of well-being and respect for others, Queen's University went entirely smoke free. The Smoke-Free University Policy defines smoking as inhaling, burning, or possessing a lighted tobacco, cannabis or other herbal product including e-cigarettes and vaping devices. For the full definition, read the Smoke-Free University Policy.

Smoke-free boundaries

Smoking, as defined by the policy, is now prohibited on university property. It is also prohibited to smoke inside vehicles parked on university property. If you are looking for a place to smoke, the maps linked below show the boundaries of the smoke-free area. 

 Main Campus Smoke Free Boundaries (PDF | 630 KB)

 West Campus Smoke-Free Boundaries (PDF | 329 KB)

University properties outside the areas shown on the maps are also subject to this policy. When smoking on public property, you are expected to follow Kingston bylaws and provincial smoking legislation.

Smoking medical cannabis on campus

Smoking medical cannabis prescribed by a healthcare practitioner would be permitted through a student accommodation plan approved by Student Wellness Services or an authorized health care practitioner under the Cannabis Act.

Smoking and the Student Code of Conduct

Smoking on university property is now considered a violation of the Code that could be processed through the Non-Academic Misconduct System. If you are found responsible, you may be assigned sanctions as part of the resolution. See the Student Code of Conduct Process and Resolution Options page for more information.

Have more questions about the Smoke-Free University Policy and the Student Code of Conduct? Email