Interim Measures

What are interim measures?

Interim measures are not punitive. They are conditions and/or restrictions that may be placed on a student alleged of misconduct. Interim measures are implemented to support a safe campus environment and to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

Interim measures do not represent a finding that there has been a violation of the Code. They may be in place for a specific period of time or until the case is concluded.

Examples of interim measures

  • No Contact Requirements
  • Notice of Prohibition
  • Restriction/Loss of Privileges
  • Residence Relocation

How are interim measures different than outcomes/sanctions?

Outcomes/sanctions are resolution conditions of non-academic misconduct matters. Restorative and rehabilitative education is the primary goal of outcomes/sanctions.

With Informal Resolutions, the Case Manager and the student will review appropriate outcomes together. With Formal Resolutions, the assigned outcomes/sanctions will be outlined in the Notice of Decision.

Examples of outcomes/sanctions

  • Apologies
  • Educational Assignments
  • Community Service
  • No Contact Requirements
  • Restriction/Loss of Privileges

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