Information for Complainants

Making a report

Review the Non-Academic Misconduct website

The Non-Academic Misconduct website has information on how to make a report. The nature of the incident may determine where you make the report. Examples of reporting units include Campus Security and the Human Rights and Equity Office. You can even submit a report of misconduct 

Report Non-Academic Misconduct website

Writing a complaint

Keep your statement factual and focused on who did what, where, when, why, and how you have been impacted by the behaviour. Be clear and concise. Ensure you are not angry, sarcastic or threatening, and take care not to embellish or exaggerate. If applicable, include screenshots or copies of any relevant evidence and explain how the evidence relates to the complaint. Ensure you sign your complaint and include your full name and contact information.


Non-Academic Misconduct Office (NAMIO)

The NAMIO determines if a case should be referred to a Non-Academic Misconduct Unit for Case Management. When a Case Manager is assigned, you will be informed by email. It is important to monitor your Queen’s email throughout the process.

Before meeting with a case manager

Choose a support person

If you would like to have a support person attend the meeting, please email the Case Manager with their name. You will be asked to sign a Consent to Release Information form.

Support Person/Advisor

Create a witness list

You may make a list of witnesses including their names and Queen’s email addresses. Submit the list to the Case Manager.

Prepare evidence

Evidence may be photos, videos, emails, text messages, etc. You may prepare the evidence for submission to the Case Manager.

Balance of probabilities

Queen’s University Non-Academic Misconduct Proceedings are decided on a “balance of probabilities.” The decision-maker must have enough relevant and credible evidence to persuade them that the Respondent is more probable than not responsible for the alleged violation.

Office of the University Ombudsperson

The University Ombudsperson helps to ensure procedural fairness in the decision-making process at Queen’s University. They are a resource to review policies and procedures regarding the Non-Academic Misconduct process. 

Office of the University Ombudsperson website

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