University District Safety Initiative

Did you know that the City of Kingston has a protocol to address safety concerns regarding conduct in the residential areas near the University? 

What is the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI)? 

The University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) aims to decrease disruptive behaviours and strain on emergency services that have historically arisen when large street parties take place during move-in, orientation, Homecoming, and St. Patrick’s Day. During these periods, Kingston Police and Bylaw Officials may issue a Part 1 Summons for disruptive behaviour (see a list of examples below). Students issued a Part 1 Summons under the UDSI will need to appear before a Justice of the Peace in Kingston to resolve the matter. Due to COVID-19, an Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP) may be issued in place of a Part 1 Summons at the discretion of the charging officer.

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Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP)


What behaviours fall under the UDSI?

  • Hosting a nuisance party
  • Refusing to leave a nuisance party
  • Refusing to shut down a nuisance party after a warning
  • Obstructing a road way 
  • Obstructing or attempting to obstruct an officer or city official

 Nuisance Party Bylaw 2018-53(PDF | 157KB)

  • Making noise by using an amplification device (i.e. speaker, bullhorn, amp) during prohibited times
  • Making noise by yelling during prohibited times

Noise Bylaw 2004-52 (PDF | 978KB)

  • Possessing or consuming alcohol under the age of 19
  • Possessing open containers of alcohol in public
  • Being intoxicated in public

Liquor License Act

Tips for Responsible Hosting

When hosting a gathering at your place, there are few things you can do to support a respectful and safe environment:

  • Follow the current restrictions on gatherings and ensure you and your guests follow Public Health guidelines.
  • Read Kingston’s bylaws around Noise (PDF | 978KB)  and Nuisance Parties (PDF | 157KB)
  • Keep music and guests at an appropriate and manageable level
  • Decide on a guest list ahead of time and stick to it
  • Have food and water for your guests

If you are concerned about uninvited guests near your residence or should you witness unsafe and/or negative behavior we encourage you to report it to Kingston Police and/or Queen's Campus Security.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a host from Queen's Legal Aid. 

Queen's Legal Aid Keggers & Consequences

Non-Academic Misconduct

Some conduct addressed by the UDSI may also be considered non-academic misconduct that results in an internal process at the University. If your off-campus conduct falls within the scope of the Student Code of Conduct, you may receive a notice of initial meeting. If you are found responsible for non-academic misconduct related to a UDSI incident, you may be assigned sanctions.

As a Queen’s student, you are a member of the larger Kingston community. Be a good neighbour!