Ethics Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Welcome to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) page for Research Ethics at Queen’s University and its affiliated hospitals. These SOPs offer a comprehensive and detailed roadmap, outlining the specific expectations and requirements governing research conduct within our academic community. Approved under the authority of the Vice-Principal of Research (VPR), these SOPs serve as a cornerstone for researchers, providing clear guidelines to navigate the complexities of ethical research practices. 
SOP development and revision is an ongoing process. SOPs will undergo periodic revisions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP Policy Date Revised
201 Composition of the REB 05/15/2023
202 Management of REB Membership 12/01/2023
203 Duties of REB Members 12/01/2023
204 REB Office Personnel Serving as REB Members 12/01/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
301 REB Submission Requirements and Administrative Review 12/01/2023
302 REB Meeting Administration 12/01/2023
303 Document Management 12/01/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
401 Delegated Review 12/01/2023
402 REB Review Decisions 12/01/2023
403 Initial Review Criteria for REB Approval 12/01/2023
404 Ongoing REB Review Activities 12/01/2023
405 Continuing Review 12/01/2023
406 Research Completion 12/01/2023
407 Suspension or Termination of REB Approval 12/01/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
501 REB Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies 05/15/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
601 Communication - Researcher 12/01/2023
602 Communication - Research Participants 12/01/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
701 Informed Consent Form Requirements and Documentation 12/01/2023

SOP Policy Date Revised
801 Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities 01/19/2024

SOP Policy Date Revised
901 Quality Assurance Inspections 12/01/2023
902 External Inspections or Audits 05/15/2023
903 Non-Compliance 12/01/2023