Research Integrity Additional Resources

Education and Case Studies

Panel on the Responsible Conduct of Research (Canada)

The panel offers a webinar, which provides and overview to the Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct of Research.

The Office of Research Integrity (United States)

The Office of Research Integrity has many resources on their website related to education and the responsible conduct of research.

The “Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research,” by Nicholas Steneck, PhD, provides a comprehensive overview of nine responsible conduct of research core instructional areas. The book includes case studies, discussion questions and other resources.

The Case of Professor Diederik Stapel

Diederik Stapel is a former social psychology professor who engaged in significant research misconduct including data fabrication and manipulation; his case drew international attention, including an article in the New York Times.

Teaching Ethics

Article on the importance of teaching ethics in higher education.