AIDS (see also HIV-1) aids.htm
South Africa and Immunization aids01.htm
Pharmaceutical Industry aids02.htm
Latency aids03.htm

Alan Cock Papers acpapers.htm
Alan Cock Papers
Addendum acpapers1.htm
Alphabetical list of files
This list alphlist.htm

Antisense and Sense antisens.htm

Bateson 1
Main Access Page  Report to the Evolution Committee bateson1.htm
Bateson 2
Addresses bateson2.htm
Bateson 3
Opposition to Bateson bateson3.htm
Bateson 4
Distinction between Sporadic (Genic) and Non-Sporadic (non-Genic) Sterilities bateson4.htm 
Bateson 5
Darwin 1909 Centenary Essay bateson5.htm 
Bateson 6
Non-Genic Modes of Speciation bateson6.htm 
Bateson 7
Samuel Butler and Inheritance as Memory bateson7.htm 
Bateson 8
Pitch Theory of Reproductive Cells bateson8.htm
Bateson 9
Bateson's Papers Archived at Queen's University bateson9.htm 
Bateson 10
The BDM Error bateson10.htm 
Bateson 11 Bateson's Papers Archived in Cambridge University Library bateson11.htm 
Bateson 12 Robert Heath Lock and William Bateson bateson12.htm 

Bell & Forsdyke 1999a Accounting Units bell99a.htm
Bell & Forsdyke 1999b
Szybalski's Rule bell99b.htm

Bioinformatics Main Access Page bioinfor.htm
Bioinformatics 1
Chargaff bioinfo1.htm
Bioinformatics 2
Chargaff bioinfo2.htm
Bioinformatics 3
Schaap bioinfo3.htm
Bioinformatics 4
GC% and bacteriophage bioinfo4.htm
Bioinformatics 5
2nd Parity Rule bioinfo5.htm
Bioinformatics 6
GC% and Recombinational Isolators bioinfo6.htm
Bioinformatics 7
GC% and Genomic Conflict bioinfo7.htm
Bioinformatics 8
Placeholder amino acids bioinfo8.htm
Bioinformatics 9
2nd Parity Rule bioinfo9.htm
Bioinformatics 10
Fold Pressure bioinf10.htm
Bioinformatics 11
Microsatellites bioinf11.htm
Bioinformatics 12
Gene Definition Symposium bioinf12.htm
Bioinformatics 13
Chromosomes as Accounting Units bioinf13.htm
Bioinformatics 14 The Selfish Gene Revisited bioinf14.htm

Bithorax Complex in Fruitfly bithorax.htm

Book01 Peer Review book01rv.htm
Peer Review book01rv1.htm

Book02 Romanes and Evolution book02.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02corrections.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv0.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv1.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv2.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv3.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv4.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv5.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv6.htm
Romanes and Evolution book02rv7.htm

Book03 Evolutionary Bioinformatics, First Edition book03.htm
Book03 Evolutionary Bioinformatics, First Edition book03corrections.htm
Book04 William Bateson and Evolution book04.htm
William Bateson and Evolution book04corrections.htm
Book05 Evolutionary Bioinformatics
, Second Edition book05.htm
Book06 Evolutionary Bioinformatics, Third Edition book06.htm

Cancer Immunology Individual specific immunogenicity cancimm1.htm
Chi sequences 1
Recombination chi01.htm
Chi sequences 2
Recombination chi02.htm
(Winge 1917) chromos1.htm

Darwin-Hooker correspondence darwhook.htm

Dominance Dominant and Recessive Characters dominanc.htm

Driving Lessons DrivingLessons

Epstein-Barr Virus EBV.htm
Epstein-Barr Virus
Abstract 1998 EBV01.htm
Epstein-Barr Virus
Abstract 1998 EBV02.htm

Evolution Main access page evolutio.htm
Evolution: note to teachers evolution01.htm

First Driving Lesson DrivingLessons.html

Forsdyke 1996a on speciation forsd96a.htm
Forsdyke 1998b
on DNA secondary structure forsd98b.htm

Grantham 1 granth01.htm
Gulick 1872 gulick.htm
Guyer 1900-03 guyer.htm
Guyer 1900
Thesis guyer01.htm
Guyer 1900 Cytology anticipates Mendelism guyer02.htm

Haldane 1 haldane1.htm
Haldane 2 haldane2.htm
Haldane 3 haldane3.htm

Hierarchies of oligonucleotides hierarch.htm
Hierarchies of oligonucleotides and GC% hierarch0.htm

HIV 1 (see also AIDS)  hiv01.htm
HIV 2 (see also AIDS)  hiv02.htm

HIV 3 (see also AIDS)  hiv03.htm

HomePage Main access to all subject areas homepage.htm

Index Main Access Page -
Laboratory Web-Page with Publications 1994 onwards index.htm
Index -Laboratory Web-Page with Publications 1966 to 1993 index01.htm
Most cited publication RGS2 1994 index02.htm

Introns Introns as Conflict-Resolution Mechanism introns.htm
Introns 1
Conflict in Overlapping Genes introns1.htm
Introns 2
No introns in Heat-Shock Genes introns2.htm
Introns 3 History of "Introns First" concept introns3.htm

John Austin Society for History of Medicine and Science john_austin_society.htm

Lederberg 1959 Self/Not-Self Discrimination and Positive Selection lederber.htm
Machar01.htm Machar01.htm
Major Histocompatibility Complex 1
Intracellular self/Not-Self Discrimination mhc001.htm

Mind Romanes mind.htm
Samuel Butler mind01.htm
Murphy 1926
The cellular immunology of cancer murphy01.htm

NCI Grant
Peer Review NCIgrant01.htm

Peer Review Main Access Page peerrev.htm
Peer Review 0 Irving Page, Szent-Gyorgyi, Chargaff peerrev0.htm
Peer Review 1 Malice's Wonderland - Dan Osmond peerrev1.htm
Peer Review 2 CARRF peerrev2.htm
Peer Review 3 Genome Project peerrev3.htm
Peer Review 4 Horrobin peerrev4.htm
Peer Review 5 L'Affair Olivieri peerrev5.htm
Peer Review 6 Bicameral Review peerrev6.htm
Peer Review 7 Role of chance peerrev7.htm
Peer Review 10 Study Groups peerrev10.htm
Peer Review 11 Epiphany of an Agency Administrator peerrev11.htm
Peer Review 12 Matching Funds peerrev12.htm
Peer Review 13 Big Pharma peerrev13.htm
Peer Review 14 Election 2000 peerrev14.htm

Plasmodium falciparum Malaria pfalcip01.htm
Prabhu 1993 Chargaff's second parity rule - oligonucleotide equifrequencies prabhu01.htm
Prions prions.htm

PubMed Commons Comments 2013-2018 PubMed.htm

Queen's History QueensHistory01.htm

Rinderpest history rindpst0.htm
Rinderpest 1 (1865) rindpst1.htm
Rinderpest 2 rindpst2.htm
Rinderpest 3 rindpst3.htm

Romanes Main Access Page Family history romanes.htm
Romanes 0 Correspondence romanes0.htm
Romanes 1 1886 Linnean Address 1romanes1.htm
Romanes 2 1887 Rebuttal of Criticisms romanes2.htm
Romanes 3 Grant Allen and Stephen Jay Gould romanes3.htm
Romanes 4 Early Career by Elizabeth Barnes romanes4.htm
Romanes 5 Letter to Editor of Nineteenth Century romanes5.htm
Romanes 6 Versus Alfred Newton romanes6.htm
Romanes 7 Review of "Darwin's Disciple" 2011 romanes7.htm
Romanes 8 The Allens, Machars and Romanes family interactions romanes8.htm
Romanes 9 1886 Linnean Address as a Classic in Biological Theory romanes9.htm

Schizophrenia Patricia Forsdyke's series in the Kingston Whig Standard schizcon.htm
Schizophrenia schizoph.htm
Schizophrenia schiznav.htm
Schizophrenia Patricia Forsdyke's submission to Mental Health Commission schizoph01.htm
Schizophrenia Patricia Forsdyke's submission to Ontario Select Committee schizoph02.htm

Senescence senesc01.htm
Smithies 1981 Violations of Chargaff's 2nd Parity Rule smithi01.htm
Speciation 1 Two Levels of Information 1999 speciat1.htm
Speciation 2 Chromosomal speciation a reply speciat2.htm
Speciation 3 Positive Darwinian Selection speciat3.htm
Speciation 4 Molecular Sex speciat4.htm
Speciation 5 Darwin's Weak Point speciat5.htm
Speciation 6 Bar-coding and base composition speciat6.htm
Strategic Studies 1 strateg1.htm
Strategic Studies 2 strateg2.htm

Theoretical Immunology Main Access Page theorimm.htm
Theoretical Immunology 0 clonal selection theory theorimm0.htm
Theoretical Immunology 1 positive/negative selection of cultured lymphocytes theorimm1.htm
Theoretical Immunology 2 polymorphisms and self/not-self discrimination theorimm2.htm
Theoretical Immunology 3 protein aggregation and self/not-self discrimination theorimm3.htm
Theoretical Immunology 4 intracellular self/not-self discrimination theorimm4.htm
Theoretical Immunology 5 Heat shock response and self/not-self discrimination theorimm5.htm
Theoretical Immunology 6 Positive Selection as near self discrimination theorimm6.htm
Theoretical Immunology 7 Sex Chromosomes and Autoimmune Disease theorimm7.htm
Theoretical Immunology 8 Theory Development 1955-1975 theorimm8.htm
Theoretical Immunology 9 Theory Development 1955-1975 theorimm9.htm

Thermophilic Bacteria thermo01.htm
Thermophilic Bacteria thermo02.htm
Thermophilic Bacteria thermo03.htm
Thrasybulus Anecdote thrasybulus.htm
Toronto 2003 and Boston 2004 Abstracts Toront03.htm

Videos Main Access Page. Forsdyke Evolution Academy videolectures.htm

X Chromosome Dosage Compensation xchromos.htm
X Chromosome, Muller and Ohno, Collective Gene Functions xchromos1.htm


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