Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Chemistry – Minor (Science)


Subject:  Administered by the Department of Chemistry.
Plan:  Consists of 48.00 units as described below.
Program:  The Plan, in combination with a Major plan in another subject, and with sufficient electives, will lead to an Honours Bachelors Degree.

Requirements for this program have been modified. Please consult the 2021-2022 Calendar for the previous requirements.

1. Core
A. Complete the following:
CHEM 112General Chemistry6.00
B. Complete the following:
CHEM 211Main Group Chemistry3.00
CHEM 212Principles of Chemical Reactivity3.00
CHEM 213Introduction to Chemical Analysis3.00
CHEM 221Material, Solutions, Interfaces3.00
CHEM 222Methods of Structure Determination3.00
CHEM 223Organic Reactions3.00
C. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
Experimental Chemistry
Experimental Chemistry I
Experimental Chemistry II
2. Option
A. Complete 9.00 units from the following:9.00
CHEM at the 300-level or above
3. Supporting
A. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
Fundamental Physics
General Physics
Introduction to Physics I
and Introduction to Physics II
B. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
Differential and Integral Calculus
Differential and Integral Calculus
Differential and Integral Calculus I
and Differential and Integral Calculus II
Total Units48.00

4. Notes

A. A maximum of 6.00 units from courses offered by other Faculties and Schools may be counted toward the program and/or Plan requirements. This includes courses in BMED, COMM, GLPH, LAW, NURS and courses in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.