Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Computer Engineering: Electives

Electives List A

ELEC 224Continuous-Time Signals and Systems3.75
ELEC 324Discrete-Time Signals and Systems4.00
ELEC 344Sensors and Actuators3.75
ELEC 353Electronics II4.25
ELEC 372Numerical Methods and Optimization3.50
ELEC 408Biomedical Signal and Image Processing3.00
ELEC 409Bioinformatic Analytics3.00
ELEC 421Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design (Not offered 2020-2021)4.00
ELEC 422Digital Signal Processing: Random Models and Applications3.50
ELEC 425Machine Learning and Deep Learning3.50
ELEC 431Power Electronics3.25
ELEC 443Linear Control Systems4.25
ELEC 4443.25
ELEC 448Introduction To Robotics3.50
or MECH 456 Introduction To Robotics
ELEC 451Digital Integrated Circuit Engineering3.25
ELEC 461Digital Communications3.50
ELEC 464Wireless Communications (Not offered 2020-2021)3.00
ELEC 470Computer System Architecture3.50
ELEC 472Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Systems3.50
ELEC 473Cryptography and Network Security3.00
ELEC 474Machine Vision3.50
ELEC 497Research Project3.50
SOFT 423Software Requirements3.00
SOFT 437Performance Analysis3.00

Electives List B

CMPE 204Logic For Computing Science3.00
CMPE 251Data Analytics3.00
CMPE 320Fndmnts Software Development4.00
CMPE 322Software Architecture4.00
CMPE 325Human-Computer Interaction3.00
CMPE 327Software Quality Assurance3.00
CMPE 332Database Management Systems3.00
CMPE 351Advanced Data Analytics3.00
CMPE 422Formal Methods In Software Eng3.00
CMPE 425Advanced User Interface Design3.00
CMPE 432Advanced Database Systems3.00
CMPE 434Distributed Systems (Not offered this year)3.00
CMPE 452Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms3.00
CMPE 454Computer Graphics3.00
CMPE 457Image Processing & Computer3.00
CMPE 458Programming Language Processor4.00
ENPH 336Solid State Devices3.25

Electives List C

APSC 303Professional Internship3.50
APSC 400Technology, Engineering & Management (TEAM)7.00
APSC 401Interdisciplinary Projects4.50