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​Academic Showcases

Queen's students gain valuable experience and skills through competitions, team challenges, and at conferences - both Queen's- and student-run. They also showcase their talents and research by participating in many inter-collegiate, provincial, national, and international competitions.

Explore some of the different showcase opportunities available at Queen's...

General Academic Showcases

  • Inquiry@Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference: A celebration of inquiry-based learning that showcases research projects from Queen's undergraduates.

  • Three Minute Thesis (3MT™): A university-wide competition for Queen’s Masters (thesis only) and doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in three minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.

  • Queen's Model Court: The premier law event on campus for undergraduate students.Spanning three days, the event includes four mock trials with unique focuses - one criminal, one corporate, one environmental, as well as a Non-Academic Discipline hearing facilitated by the Commission of Internal Affairs, which explores the judicial arm of the AMS.

  • Queen's Model Parliament: An interactive political conference that is held every January in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

  • Queen's Model United Nations: Canada's premier mid-sized Model UN conference. It aims to bring together students from across the province that share a strong interest in international affairs and a passion for learning. See Queen’s International Affairs Association (QIAA)…

  • Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition: The New York Times calls the QEC "one of the longest-running and best-known undergraduate business plan competitions in the world” and each year the competition receives numerous business plan submissions from around the globe.

  • Andrina McCulloch Public Speaking Competition: A joint program of the Department of Drama and the Student Life Centre. The competition is open to all Queen's students.

[2019 3MT participants]
Some participants of Queen's 3MT 2019 competition. (Photo by Sarah Ferguson)

Program-specific Academic Showcases

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
  • IEEE Student Project Competition: Open to all engineering and computer science undergraduate students to present the results of their design or research projects.

  • Engineering Competition: Pits engineering students against each other in a day-long competition for the right to represent Queen's at the Ontario Engineering Competition.

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Competition

  • Student design teams: Offer students at all levels a chance to apply their budding academic and practical knowledge to a variety of challenging real-world projects.

Faculty of Law
A demonstration of “Corgi Defence”, a game that uses natural and intuitive hand gestures for interaction at the annual Creative Computing event, hosted by Queen's School of Computing.