Herbert J. Hamilton Volunteer Service Award

Gala Award

Presented annually to an alumnus/alumna in recognition of volunteer service to the life of and work of the Queen’s University Alumni Association, either through short-term impactful involvement or long term commitment.

Award Eligibility & Criteria

Candidates should be:

  • A Queen’s alumnus/alumna
  • A current or past volunteer within the Queen’s University Alumni Association. This could include any number of roles contributing to the QUAA mission to reach out and foster a lifelong association with Queen’s, including but not limited to: the QUAA Board, Branches, Reunions, and Chapters
  • Someone who has made a significant, peer-recognized contribution as an alumni volunteer to further engage our members in the life and work of the University

For more information about alumni awards, please contact Nikki Remillard, 613-533-6020 ext 78691. 

2019 - Stacy Kelly, Artsci'93, John Purkis, Com'48 and Shirley Purkis, Arts'41

2018 - Sue Bates, Artsci'91

Sue Bates has lived up to the main tenet of the Herbert J Hamilton Volunteer Service Award – reaching out and fostering a lifelong association with Queen’s. She has shown her passion for Queen’s in every step on her journey as Queen’s alumna. 

Ms. Bates demonstrated great leadership when she volunteered and ran alumni Branches in Scotland, Kingston, and Turks and Caicos from 1999 to 2005. She was and continues to be a role model for members of the alumni community. Her love, passion, and dedication to the university serve as inspiration for other alumni. Notably, she has been a vocal spokesperson for the importance of philanthropy to the university and has used her platforms to spread this important message. 

As President of the QUAA, Ms. Bates makes a point to stay connected with students, through athletics, the Queen’s Student Alumni Association, and the Ban Righ Centre. She’s an enthusiastic fan of Gaels football and attends as many games as possible. 

2017- Kathy Owen, Arts'67

Kathy Owen, Arts’67, is a passionate volunteer and an inspirational leader who has demonstrated enthusiasm, energy, and commitment in her efforts to support and advance the Toronto Branch of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA), which makes her the ideal recipient of the Herbert J. Hamilton Volunteer Service Award.

A dedicated teacher, Mrs. Owen held several teaching and administrative positions throughout Toronto. Currently, she is a Principal Coach and an Associate Member of the Ontario Principals’ Council. She’s involved in Student Success Strategy, a Ministry of Education initiative that aids Ontario high schools in meeting standards for graduation rates.

While tremendously committed to her career, her passion for Queen’s has been proven for decades. Mrs. Owen has been an active member of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA) since the 1970s. During this time, she started the Speakers’ Series, which evolved into the Toronto Branch Events Committee, of which she has been the chair for six years.

Under Mrs. Owen’s leadership, the Events Committee has arranged numerous lectures for alumni with organizations such as NATO, Council of Canadians and the Royal Canadian Military Institute bringing people together and strengthening the Queen’s alumni network.

At every opportunity, Mrs. Owen speaks eloquently and powerfully about Queen’s University and the importance of ongoing alumni support. She truly is an exceptional ambassador for Queen’s University.

Kathy Owen was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 8, 2017.

2016 - George M. Jackson, Artsci'85

A dedicated member and dynamic president of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA), George M. Jackson, Artsci’85, exemplifies volunteer service. 

During his tenure as board member, Mr. Jackson served on several committees including Alumni Assembly and Alumni Volunteer Summit, The QUAA Awards Selection Committee, and the QUAA Grants Committee. In addition to his time on the QUAA Board, Mr. Jackson also served as chair of the Queen's University Council on Athletics and Recreation, and on the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching selection committee.

Mr. Jackson, whose two-year term as QUAA President finishes in April, was also a member of the team that helped Queen's raise over $100 million in the Challenge Campaign. He assisted the Kingston United Way in redeveloping Leadership Development Services, a professional development service for the boards of local non-profit organizations.

He is as dedicated to the community that he lives in as he is in his role as Associate Facilitator with the Executive Decision Centre at Smith School of Business. 

While a student, Mr. Jackson was a member of the 1983 Golden Gaels and remains a big fan of Queen’s football. He was an enthusiastic spectator when Queen's battled back against the University of Calgary to win the 2009 Vanier Cup and avenge his team’s loss to the Dinos in the 1983 Vanier Cup.

Mr. Jackson’s Tricolour spirit has come through in every aspect of his dedicated contribution to the QUAA, to Queen’s and to his community. 

George Jackson was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on April 2, 2016.

2015 - Kellogg Ngai, Artsci'97

As member of the Hong Kong Branch since 1997, Kellogg Ngai has worked tirelessly to connect both alumni and students to Queen’s in this Asian city, where more than 1,300 alumni live. 

Mr. Ngai, alongside 10 executive members, has helped to organize over 50 branch events. Boat cruises in Hong Kong’s famous harbour, hiking trips and other physical activities, charity fundraisers, and pub nights, are just some of the diverse activities that bring Branch members together, while other events help to expand Hong Kong’s Queen’s alumni community.

Mr. Ngai has hosted many visits from Queen’s senior administrators. In 2013, a visit from Principal Woolf to Hong Kong attracted over 100 alumni and friends to connect at a reception.

As a student, one of the things Mr. Ngai loved most about Queen’s was the school’s spirit and that’s a Queen’s tradition he is committed to keeping alive in Hong Kong, half a world away from campus. 

Kellogg Ngai was honoured at the QUAA Alumni Awards Gala on March 28, 2015.

2012 - Mary Reed, Artsci'84

2011 - Heather Black, Sc'80

2009 - Sarah Renaud, Artsci'96 and Sophie Sommerer, Artsci'98

2008 - Jess Joss, Artsci'96 and Lara Morgan, Artsci'92

2007 - Dan Rees, Com'92, Artsci'93

2006 - Tyler Forkes, Arts/PHE'86, Ed'87


Joseph Lougheed, Artsci'88
Catherine MacNeill, Artsci'93
Kathy TeKamp, Arts'69


Edwin Fraser, Sc'73
Kimberly Bain, Arts'86
Robert D. M. Owen, Arts'66, Law'68
Jeff Chan, Arts'74
Rob Pitt, MA'82


Martha Crane, BA'76, BA'77 (posthumously)
Paul Price, Artsci'82
Helen Cooper, Artsci'68
Class of Science'48½


Dan Moziar, Sc'58
Arthur Joynt, Arts'72
Sheila Murray, NSc'59, MPA'91
Sarah Dalton, Artsci'88


Brian Gaunce, Sc'82
Kim Glen, Artsci'73
Paul Glen, Sc'74


Alison Holt, Artsci'87
Esther Magathan, Artsci'61
Innes van Nostrand, Sc´86


Bruce Hay, Meds'58
Margaret Hay
Marsha Lampman, BA'74 (posthumously)
Ellen Merrin, Arts'39


Ernie Hurlbut, BA'70 (deceased)
Jane Kaduck, Arts'54, LLB'91
Charis Kelso, Arts'87, Law'91, Ed'06
Jean Shaw, Arts/PHE'64
Robbie Shaw, Arts'63


Kathleen E.(Beaumont)Hill, Arts'49
Gerald D. Sutton, Com'48, MCom'49
David G. Whiting, Sc'65


Sandy Blasco, Arts'68, Ed'69
Steve Blasco, Sc'72
Herb Lawler, Arts'46
Jean MacLean, Arts'51
Faye Patten
Fred Siemonsen, Sc'54


Ted Bjerkelund, BSc'49 (deceased)
Beatrice Corbett, Arts'43, MA'95
Tom Hanrahan, Sc'57
Rick Powers, Arts/PHE'78, MBA'83, Law'86
Stewart Webster, BA'43, MA'44 (deceased)


James Bennett, BSc'58, MSc'60 (deceased)
Edward Mallard, Arts'55, Arts/PHE'56
Diane McKenzie, NSc'64, MPA'92
Catherine Perkins, Arts'58
Eric Toller, BA'50, BCom'51 (deceased)


Bernie Burgess, BSc'44, MSc'46 (deceased)
Murray Gill, Sc'47
Norman Rogers, Arts'43, LLD'87
Bill Wegenast, BSc'47, MSc'55 (deceased)
Elizabeth (Zib) Wegenast, BA'49 (deceased)
Kathy Wood, Artsci'77, Artsci'96


Robert Burnside, Sc'56
Fergus Devins, Artsci'84
Margaret Gibson, Arts'47
Archibald Johnston, Com'49
Cheryl Johnston, Artsci'01
Megan Nutbeem, BA'51 (deceased)
George Perrin, Arts'49


Bruce Alexander, Com'60
Robert Bannard, BSc'45, MSc'46 (deceased)
Gladys Heintz, BA'37, MA'38 (deceased)
Audrey Hester, BA'60, BA/PHE'61 (deceased)
Russell Kennedy, Sc'41, DSc'93
Frank Roseborough, Meds'55
Nancy Roseborough, NSc'54


Helen Anderson, Arts'46
Thelma Boucher, BA'27, LLD'73 (deceased)
Hugh Christie, Artsci'78, Law'81
Harvey Marshall, BSc'41, MSc'46 (deceased)
Arnold Noftall, BA'41 (deceased)
Wilda Parkinson, Arts'43
Don Price, Sc'74, MBA'77
George Toller, Arts'49