Padre Laverty Award (Kingston Branch)

Branch Award
Sue Bates receiving 2019 Padre Laverty Award

Inaugurated in 1967 as the Kingston Award, the Padre Laverty Award is presented biennially by the Kingston Branch of the Queen's University Alumni Association to a degree recipient, usually a resident of the Kingston area, for outstanding service to Queen's University or jointly to the Queen’s and Kingston communities.

In 1991, it was renamed to commemorate the long and distinguished service of the first University Chaplain, Padre A. Marshall Laverty. This award is presented biennially at the Kingston Branch Awards dinner hosted by the Kingston Branch of the QUAA.

Nominations will be reviewed for the following criteria:

  • The nominee has made a significant contribution to Queen’s University or jointly to Queen’s and the Kingston community.
  • The nominee is a Queen's degree recipient.
  • If a nominee is or was an employee of Queen’s, their outstanding service to Queen’s University and the Kingston community were not made as part of their normal duties as an employee.

Only complete nomination packages provided by the deadline will be considered. Nominations will be considered for 2 consecutive award cycles. Nominators must be graduates of Queen’s University, and, if their nomination is successful, they will normally deliver a tribute speech at the award dinner.

2019 - Sue Bates, Artsci'91

The award is being presented for her outstanding Queen’s spirit channelled through her extensive and ongoing leadership and support of all things Queen’s.

2017 - David M. C. Walker, Meds'71

The award is being presented for his outstanding volunteer leadership of Queen’s 175th celebrations and mental health and wellness on campus.

2016 - John Meisel, LLD’02

2015 - David Pattenden, Arts'67, MA'69, Law'71, MEd'74, LLD'03

2014 - Rob Baker, BFA'86

2013 - Harvey Rosen, Law'75

2012 - Daren Dougall, Artsci'85, MEd'97

2011 - Hafizur Rahman, MSc'70, PhD'74

2010 - Regina Rosen, BA'80, LLD'14 (deceased)

2009 - Stewart Fyfe, BA'49, MA'55 (deceased)

2008 - Merv Daub, Com'66

2007 - Bob Burnside, BSc'56 (deceased)

2006 - Bob Pritchard, BSc'64 (deceased)

2005 - Bob Little, Arts'58, Law'61

2004 - Duncan Sinclair, PhD'63, LLD'00

2003 - Fred Siemonsen, Sc'54

2002 - Mitch Andriesky, Arts'53

2001 - Donald Delahaye, MD'50 (deceased)

2000 - William J. Henderson, BA'38, LLD'83 (deceased)

1999 - Ronald C. Burr, MD'32 (deceased)

1998 - B. Robert Bater (deceased)

1997 - The Honourable Peter Milliken, Arts'68, LLD'12

1996 - David Bonham (deceased)

1995 - Helen C. Cooper, Artsci'68

1994 - James A. Bennett, BSc'58, MSc'60 (deceased)

1993 - John Gerretsen, Law'67, Arts'64

1992 - W. Ford Connell, MD'29, LLD'73 (deceased)

1991 - James M. Courtright, BSc'41 (deceased)

The Kingston Award

1990 - The Honourable Flora MacDonald, LLD'81 (deceased)

1989 - Wallace Berry, BA'42 (deceased)

1988 - E. Lin Good

1987 - Michael R. L. Davies Arts'60, LLD'98

1986 - George N. Speal, BCom'54 (deceased)

1985 - John W. Bannister, BCom'47 (deceased)

1984 - Dr. Ronald L. Watts, LLD'84 (deceased)

1983 - Reverand Dr Marshall (deceased) and Frances Laverty (deceased)

1982 - Dr. H. Garfield Kelly, MD'40, LLD'84 (deceased)

1981 - Helen Mathers

1980 - Gelindo D. DeRe, BCom'48 (deceased)

1979 - Margaret E. Gibson, Arts'46, Arts'47

1978 - Gordon P. Eligh, BCom'39 (deceased)

1977 - Herbert J. Hamilton, BA'31, LLD'75 (deceased)

1976 - Royal Military College

1975 - Sybil MacLachlan, BA'26 (deceased)

1974 - Thelma Boucher, BA'27, LLD'73 (deceased)

1973 - E. Valorie Swain (deceased)

1971 - Dr. G. W. Mylks, BA'27, MD'29 (deceased)

1970 - Msgr. J. G. Hanley, DD'73 (deceased)

1969 - Ian MacLachlan, BSc'25, BA'26 (deceased)

1968 - Margaret Angus, LLD'73 (deceased)

1967 - E. C. Churchill (deceased)