Queen's Student Alumni Association Volunteer of Distinction Award

Gala Award

The Queen’s Student Alumni Association (QSAA) Volunteer of Distinction Award was introduced in 2009 to recognize outstanding volunteers of the QSAA. Award recipients are honoured at the Queen's University Alumni Association Alumni Awards Gala.

Gillian Baker

2020 Recipient

Gillian Baker


Throughout her time at Queen’s, Gillian has used her talent and passion to volunteer for the Queen’s Student Alumni Association (QSAA). Her love for art and photography led her to become a photography student ambassador for the QSAA, and, in her final year, she served as the director of events and student transition. In this role, she helped students successfully transition to their lives as alumni by providing support and resources. This year, Gillian will graduate with a degree in Global Development Studies and will be volunteering in Guyana to help facilitate discussions on mental and physical health among adults and youth.

Past Award Recipients

Hailing from Ottawa, Alyssa has created and fostered a welcoming environment for all QSAA ambassadors through her open, approachable, and enthusiastic nature. In her third year with the QSAA, Alyssa has strategically implemented stronger internal communication, more comprehensive training, and a deeper understanding of the student-alumni connection. A 2017 Ontario Volunteer Service Award winner, and an active delegate in the Queen’s Volunteer Engagement Certificate (QVEC) program, Alyssa embodies poise and professionalism, provides consistent encouragement, and makes all those around her better.

Anisha excelled this past year in revitalizing and streamlining the QSAA marketing and communications strategic delivery. In her first year with the QSAA, she was able to elevate the brand across campus utilizing new platforms, live event feeds, monthly social media metrics reporting, and her creative insights while promoting the student-alumni connection on campus. Anisha leveraged her strong passions for art, travel, design… and chocolate, in setting a terrific example and inspiring future leaders to build on her legacy.

Michelle's positive attitude and enthusiasm in fulfilling her role as VP Events earned her the name "VP Exciting." She fostered an inclusive environment for Ambassadors, alongside planning and executing numerous successful events. Her commitment to student-alumni relations at Queen's made her an integral and valued member of the team.

Ekaterina was born and lived in Russia, until coming to Canada for university in the fall of 2011. She found Queen’s on the web, fell in love with the pictures of campus, and couldn’t be happier to be a part of Queen’s family and its rich tradition. Ekky has shared her passion, positivity, and phenomenal attitude with the Queen’s community through her work as the VP Volunteers this past year, with a focus on providing professional growth opportunities, lifelong learning, and developing personal connections with those around her. Seeking a career in International Global Health, her passions and tricolour experience will allow her to always elevate and support others.

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