Queen's Alumni flag with Black Alumni Chapter wordmark

Build community with the Black Alumni Chapter

The Queen’s Black Alumni Chapter (QBAC) is seeking volunteers to fill vacancies on its team. 

Founded in 2017, QBAC works to create a sense of lifelong belonging among Black alumni, students, staff, and faculty.  

Since its founding, QBAC has served as a place for Black alumni to connect and build community through celebrated programming such as the Queen’s Black Alumni Chapter Reunion Cookout, which won Initiative of the Year at the 2023 QUAA Gala Awards. 

As the chapter begins its next phase, it's prioritizing the networking and mentorship opportunities it can cultivate between Black alumni and students. 

“I think the future of QBAC is one that – above all else – allows its members to benefit from its network and partnerships,” says President Devon Aransevia, Artsci’17. 

“To set us up for this long-term goal, I’d like to focus on developing a team and culture at QBAC to facilitate that objective by collaboration with other chapters and the university, ensuring steady membership growth, and establishing processes to allow for the chapter to transition successfully between every leadership cohort.” 

Black Alumni Chapter volunteers are alumni and students who give their time, resources, and support to QBAC and Queen's community. Volunteers support the chapter's priorities and mission through various ways including events, programming, and mentorship.  

QBAC is currently looking for volunteers for numerous positions, including: 

  • Director, Operations 
  • Director, Finance 
  • Director, Marketing & Communications 
  • Director, Social Media 
  • Director, Events 
  • Director, Programming 
  • Director, Outreach & Partnerships   

For a full list of position responsibilities and application details, please visit the QBAC Volunteers page.

Apply to volunteer

Current students and alumni are encouraged to apply and support the chapter as it builds community, creates meaningful connections, and develops exciting programming. 

To receive updates from the Black Alumni Chapter, please visit the join QBAC page.