Tricolour Guard to be honoured at Homecoming football game

Tricolour Guard alumnus at Homecoming parade

Members of the Tricolour Guard – alumni who graduated from Queen’s 50 or more years ago – have a special place in the hearts of many people in the Queen’s community. It’s not unusual during Homecoming to see a current student high five returning alumni or take the opportunity to sing the Oil Thigh with a fellow Gael who graduated five decades ago.

That special relationship is one of the reasons Tricolour Guard members are being honoured during the halftime parade at the Homecoming football game on October 14. Members of the Tricolour Guard will be accompanied by volunteer Reunion Coordinators giving the Queen’s community an opportunity to publically recognize the decades-long contributions these accomplished alumni have made to Queen’s.

“The Tricolour Guard have been supporting Queen’s for more than 50 years and are an integral part of the Global Alumni Network. Their successes have reinforced our school’s outstanding reputation, their philanthropic support has led to new buildings on campus and scholarships for future generations of students. I am delighted they are being recognized in this way at Homecoming,” says Queen’s University Alumni Association President Sue Bates, Artsci’91.

For many Tricolour Guard members, connecting with students is an important part of Homecoming weekend. Reunion Coordinator Ron Hodgson, Sc’62, says bonds form quickly between Gaels and it doesn’t matter how many decades apart they attended Queen’s. He loves it when the students cheer him and his classmates during the parade. "It’s a huge recognition. We (Tricolour Guard) love it and I think the students love it too,” Mr. Hodgson said.

Reunion Coordinator Irving Dardick, Meds’57, likes talking to students to find out what is happening on campus. He also enjoys that students are genuinely interested in hearing about life at Queen’s during the 1950s. “I love going to the Tricolour Guard Dinner and meeting students. I don’t think there is any doubt that there is a special relationship between the Tricolour Guard and current students,” says Dr. Dardick.

Along with the halftime parade, the Tricolour Guard are invited to take part in the Tricolour Guard Reception and Dinner in Grant Hall on Saturday night. Alumni celebrating their 50th reunion receive a special medal during Homecoming weekend, while Tricolour Guard inductees are given a commemorative pin.

Visit the Queen’s Alumni website to register for Homecoming and find everything you need to know about this year’s events. Homecoming football tickets can be purchased through the Gaels website