The Camelford & White Memorial Entrance Award in Applied Science

Established in memory of their fathers, James Camelford (B.Sc. 1933), a chemical engineer and inventor, and Donald K. White (B.Sc. 1946), an electrical engineer with a love of learning, by James (B.A. 1977) and Jennifer (B.A. 1974, MBA 1978) Camelford.

We wanted to honour our fathers, both of whom were Queen's Engineers who loved learning and understood the value of education. Don was from a very poor background and struggled to pay his way through Queen's. He had many part time jobs to keep his mother satisfied. He would be happy to know that students who need a helping hand are receiving this endowment money.

Jim Camelford was an inventor. He invented "bubble bath"- his chemical engineering background stood him in good stead as he grew his family's textile business. Good luck!