The David G. Vice Entrance Award

David G. Vice was a leader in Canadian Business and a graduate of Queen's University, Sc'55.

He was a passionate and outspoken proponent of Education in Canada and the role of Canadians in Global Technological Advancements. David was a member of the Board of Trustees of Queen's from 1990-1998 and he was especially prime to receive an Honorary Doctor of Science from his Alma Mater in 1993, which recognized the strength of his connection to Queen's.

Education was very important to David and he had a passion for learning throughout his lifetime. He believed that education provided the opportunity for anyone to improve themselves and to achieve third goals in life. David came from a working class family and was himself dependent upon bursary funds to assist him financially through his education at Queen's. David wanted to give something back to Queen's Engineering/Applied Science, and his family has set up the award to help a student, like David, who otherwise might not be able to attend University without financial help.

We hope the recipient of this award will continue in the legacy of David G. Vice through a lifetime of learning, a strong contribution to society, and support of Canadian University Education.