The Moore-Fairbairn Bursary

When one has been working long and achieving success, it seemed time to consider what made it possible, as we hope all recipients of The Moore-Fairbairn Bursary and other Queen's Medical students will do when they are able to do so. My father and mother received their medical and nursing training at Queen's/KGH and I and my wife did that, too. Sort of like second-generation coincidence but not repeated as our daughter and son successfully pursued their own career interests in law and finance. Knowing how difficult it must be academically and financially to prepare for a career in the medical-helping professions, we hope all recipients of The Moore-Fairbairn Bursary and classmates will have a personally and professionally rewarding career as I, my wife and my parents have had. Please remember, if you ever are able to help promising Queen's Medical students after your own family obligations, please do so sooner than later lest you forget how important Queen's Medical was in preparing you for success. Good luck and all best wishes, Bill (Meds '62) and Carole (KGH '60).