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The Franklin G.T. Pickard Memorial Bursary

This bursary was established by CIBC/Wood Gundy in memory of Franklin G.T. Pickard (1933-1996), B.A. '57 (Queen's).

Frank Pickard was a dearly loved husband, father, son and brother, a highly respected friend and distinguished leader known in business circles around the world.

Born on September 10, 1933 to Margaret and Chester Pickard, Frank grew up with his younger brother Don in Sudbury, attending elementary school and then Sudbury Mining and Technical School. Frank and Audrey married in 1967 and had two daughters, Barbara and Beverly. Frank was predeceased by his father. His mother Margaret, 87, still lives in the family home in Sudbury.

Frank’s remarkable career at Falconbridge Limited began in 1950 as a high school summer student in his hometown of Sudbury. After graduating from Queen’s University, Frank officially joined Falconbridge as a process labourer and in the years following, he worked at all levels of the organization including the Hardy and Fecunis mills, the Strathcona mill, the Sudbury smelter and in senior metallurgical positions in Sudbury before moving to Falconbridge’s head office in Toronto in 1975. He became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1991.

As President and CEO, Frank led Falconbridge through some of the most exciting times in company history – Falconbridge’s return to the public markets, the opening of the Craig Mine, the bid for Voisey’s Bay and recently, the mine developments at Raglan and Collahuasi. Frank’s strategic leadership and vision have charted a strong course for Falconbridge’s future.

To those who knew him, Frank was a miner’s miner and was the first Sudburian to head up a major nickel company. While he travelled extensively managing Falconbridge’s global business, Sudbury was always close to his heart. He was a firm believer in the important connection between business and the community and supported and participated in many fundraising and sponsorship campaigns both in Sudbury and Toronto. In June, Frank’s accomplishments were recognized by Laurentian University which awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Business. He was also a Fellow of the Canadian Academic of Engineering and a member of many Canadian and international industry organizations.

A highly successful businessman, Frank always had time for a good laugh or harmless practical joke. He also knew how to enjoy his days away from the office. Frank was an avid fisherman and antique car buff. He enjoyed a glass of fine wine, cooking over his own stove, hitting the golf course and vacationing with his family and friends in South Carolina.

Frank’s legacy is his vital connection and dedication to his family, both at home and at Falconbridge. While his friends and colleagues come from many parts of the world, he called each one of them by name – this, his caring nature and genuine concern will always be remembered.

His contribution to Falconbridge, the mining industry and to those of us who have had the honour of knowing him, is immeasurable.