Fall 2021 Return to Campus

The information that follows is specific to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

For information on the Campus Re-opening Framework, health and safety updates, or vaccination requirements, please check the Queen's Safe to Return to Campus website which is updated as new information is available.

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Full guidelines for students and faculty for in-person classes are available on the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) website. For additional information about the Campus Re-opening Framework, please visit the Queen's Safe Return to Campus website.

Vaccine mandate

  • All students, faculty, and staff must be fully vaccinated to participate in classes on campus, except those with approved accommodations who follow additional protocols including rapid testing.

Proof of vaccination

Daily COVID screening

  • Do a daily COVID self-assessment using Queen’s SeQure app every day before coming to campus
  • The Queen’s SeQure app can be downloaded to a smartphone or used through a web browser

Stay home when sick

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay home!
  • Academic considerations will be provided

Masks always required

  • Masks are required at all times in the classroom. If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, please contact asc.academic@queensu.ca.

No drinks or food

  • No drinking or eating in classrooms
  • If you need to drink or eat, leave the classroom to do so

Wash hands frequently

  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently

Leave room promptly

  • Leave the classroom promptly after the end of class to keep foot traffic moving
  • Don’t ask your professor questions at the end of class; follow up later using email

Download the PowerPoint


The attached FAS Protocols for Responding to COVID in the classroom are based on the Queen's Continuity of Education Plan. They provide guidance for how instructors and departments should respond to some common scenarios, as well as how to manage students who are absent due to illness.

Full guidelines for students and faculty for in-person classes are available on the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) website. For additional information about the Campus Re-opening framework, please visit the Queen's Safe Return to Campus website.


  1. While Global Affairs Canada continues to advise against non-essential international travel, university-sponsored essential international travel by fully-vaccinated members of the Queen’s community will now be permitted, contingent upon registration in the Off Campus Activity Safety Policy online system and approval by department/unit head. Read more in this communication from Vice-Provost Sandra den Otter.
  2. Field research and other off-campus research intensive activities require completion of OCASP form in the high-risk category. These will end up being approved by your supervisor (e.g. department head). Applications will also be reviewed by the VP (International) in the case of international work.
  3. International conferences and other international research travel that would normally be classified as low risk. The activities are also now classified as high-risk due to variation in COVID cases and protocols worldwide. All travel of this nature requires the completion of an OCASP application in the high-risk category, which will be reviewed by your supervisor and the VP (International).
  4. Travel within Canada for low-risk activities (e.g. conferences). These activities require completion of an OCASP form in the low-risk category. These will be catalogued, but you will not receive an approval message.

Field Research

Field research no longer requires the completion of the request to conduct field research forms that were used earlier. However, researchers conducting field work must complete the OCASP form as described above.

In-Person Research with Human Participants

The on-site research forms and SOPs used previously are no longer required to conduct in-person research with human participants. Such studies still require GREB approval as appropriate. Participants in all studies who come onto campus must adhere to the Queen’s mandatory vaccine policy. Since visitors are unable to use the Queen’s vaccine declaration portal at this time, participants should verbally declare their vaccination status. In addition, all visitor should use the SeQure app as a screening questionnaire.

These Faculty policies follow University policies, which are outlined on the Faculty & Staff page of the Queen’s Safe Return to Campus website.


Flexibility and compassion will be essential as we re-introduce staff to working on campus. Plans will balance providing a gradual return while meeting the operational needs of full on-campus academics and expanded research in the fall semester.

Employees will be supported during the gradual return to campus and staff members will be given sufficient notice of the requirement to return to work on campus and the process for requesting accommodation.

We must respect all public health guidelines ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of its community.

Learn more about remote work arrangements, employee wellness and support, resources for managers, and COVID-19 symptoms and response on the Queen's Human Resources Return to Campus webpage.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at asc.academic@queensu.ca.

We are here and ready to support you so that we all have a great Fall 2021.


The Queen's Continuity of Education Plan (CEP) is available on the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic website. It may also be found under Health and Safety, as well as Faculty and Staff, on the Safe Return website

Please also check the Queen's Safe Return to Campus website regularly, which is being updated as information becomes available.