Campus Access under COVID

See the recent updates on Queen's websites:

Please also check the Queen's Safe to Return to Campus website regularly, as it is updated as new information is available.

The information that follows is specific to the Faculty of Arts and Science.

All Faculty of Arts and Science courses will be delivered remotely with very few exceptions until the mid-term Reading Week break, which ends on February 25, 2022. The academic term will remain as scheduled with classes starting January 10, 2022.

For the first six weeks of the winter term, the Faculty of Arts and Science will limit in-person delivery to:

  • Some graduate courses
  • Fourth year thesis and individual project courses
  • Some internships and placements
    * A list of these courses is provided below under In-Person Courses for January 2022.

All other courses will begin the term remotely and transition to in-person delivery on February 28. The exception is Arts and Science Online course offerings (i.e., section 700), which will continue as timetabled.

Students are expected to be back on campus when courses resume in-person February 28.

For information on returning to or leaving residences, please see the Residences Covid-19 website


As outlined in our earlier communications, most courses will be taught remotely for the first six weeks of the winter term and then return to in-person delivery starting February 28, 2022. The exceptions to this are listed below.

The following list of courses are those that will require all students to return for in-person learning starting January 10, 2022:

  • ARTC 804/811/823/833/851
  • ARTC 862/864/873/898
  • ARTF 448
  • BIOL 537/538/539/540/541
  • BIOL 594/595/596/597/598
  • ENGL 817/818/831/867/882
  • HIST 502
  • KHS 885/892
  • PHYS 832/884/892
  • PSYC 838/839/847/989/990
  • SCCS 820/830
The courses listed below may have in-person activities. The department or instructor will be in touch to provide further details:
  • ANAT 499
  • BCHM 422
  • CHEM 497/975
  • CISC 496/499/500
  • ECON 815/841/999
  • ENPH 455/555
  • ENSC 501/502
  • EPID 499
  • FILM 460
  • GEOE 447
  • GEOL 543
  • HIST 212/515/896
  • HLTH/KNPE 491/595
  • KNPE 330/346
  • KNPE 430/446
  • LISC 594/595
  • MICR 499
  • NSCI 499
  • PATH 499
  • PHAR 499
  • PHGY 499
  • PHIL 444/844
  • PHYS 590/860
  • PSYC 501/570/575
  • PSYC 991/992/993
  • RELS 887
  • REPD 499
  • SCCS 810/910 
Any student unable to return to campus for the course in which they are registered should contact their Department/School.

All employees should work from home, where possible. Exceptions to remote working in January, 2022 can include:

  • Work to be completed by instructors, teaching assistants, and program associates that requires them to be on campus for brief periods of time (e.g. create videos, upload grades, retrieve files, prepare labs, etc.) is permitted with appropriate manager or department head approval.
  • On-campus research can continue; although, research spaces are restricted to 50% of their usual capacity and individuals who can conduct research remotely are strongly encouraged to do so. Anyone conducting research on-campus must use the SeQure app and wear medical grade masks.
  • Other circumstances, as approved by supervisor.
  • The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers ongoing support: EFAP services can be accessed by phone at (1-877-789-7572) or electronically through their website. 
  • The HR guidelines on flexible working arrangements for staff with caregiving responsibilities contains useful information for both managers and staff on accommodation options.