Communication et culture III

FREN 118/3.0


In this course, students will develop their written and oral communication skills, as well as acquire the means to competently engage in a range of everyday social situations. Each week is organized around a common theme: leisure activities, travelling, personal relationships, health and well-being, and media and the arts. Students will apply new vocabulary and grammar through exercises that focus on reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and pronunciation, and writing.

NOTE: This course is designed for students who have beginner-level French skills; this course is not intended for fluent speakers.

If you are uncertain of your language level, we recommend you take our online Placement Test ( Since the language learning background that each student brings in French is unique, the French Placement Test is the French Studies Department’s best way of making sure you are in the course that best suits your current level.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to

  • Communicate effectively about familiar topics and express feelings, opinions and desires, employing intermediate vocabulary and grammatical concepts;
  • Demonstrate fundamental rules of pronunciation to be able to clearly communicate in common social contexts;
  • Demonstrate listening and reading skills, as well as oral communication skills, which will allow them to engage in a variety of social situations when clear and standard language is used;
  • Write grammatically correct sentences to communicate effectively in common social contexts;
  • Demonstrate proficiency using past and future verb tenses to recount experiences and describe plans;
  • Describe aspects of societies and cultures in French-speaking countries, especially with regards to interpersonal relationships, health and well-being, leisure activities and travelling, arts and media.


Winter 2023
Course Dates
Delivery Mode


12% - MyLab Language Activities
15% - Written Activities
12% - Flipgrid Activities
6% - Open Conversation Activities
10% - Synchronous Online Tutorials (x4)
6% - Total Quiz Reflections (1.5% for each quiz reflection)
8% - Midterm
18% - Interview
13% - Proctored Final Exam

**Evaluation Subject to Change**

Proctored Exams

If a student is enrolled in ONLY online courses (section 700), they may choose either of the following options to write the exam:

  • Write the final exam online: you will write in onQ with Examity proctoring. A $100 online exam fee will be charged to your SOLUS account.  
  • Write the final exam in-person: you will write on Queen’s campus in Kingston. You will not be charged an extra fee to write on campus. 

If a student is enrolled in ANY in-person courses (section 001, 002, etc), you MUST write all your final exams in-person on Queen’s campus, including for an online course. You may not choose to write your exams online. 

Location and Timing of Final Examinations 

Once the exam schedule has been finalized the exam date will be posted on your SOLUS account. The exam dates for each Term are listed on the Faculty of Arts and Science webpage under "Important Dates." Student exam schedules for the Fall Term are posted via SOLUS immediately prior to the Thanksgiving holiday; for the Winter Term they are posted on the Friday before Reading Week, and for the Summer Term they are individually noted on the Arts and Science Online syllabi. Students should delay finalizing any travel plans until after the examination schedule has been posted. Exams will not be moved or deferred to accommodate employment, travel/holiday plans or flight reservations.

Instructor Information

Professor Frédérique Offredi (

Textbook and Materials

ASO reserves the right to make changes to the required material list as received by the instructor before the course starts. Please refer to the Campus Bookstore website at to obtain the most up-to-date list of required materials for this course before purchasing them.

The following material is available from the Queen's Campus Bookstore:

Required Learning Resources

MyLab French with eText for Chez nous: Branché sur le monde francophone, 5/e, by Mary Ellen Scullen, Cathy Pons, and Albert Valdman (Pearson Education, 2020)

Coffman Crocker, Mary. Schaum’s Outline of French Grammar. Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2019.

All other learning materials will be available through OnQ

Time Commitment

Success in online language courses relies on the student’s personal efforts and ability to work independently. Regular, disciplined practice is required to perform at an appropriate level. Students who are unable to set aside sufficient time to work on the course components on a regular basis will have difficulty completing this course satisfactorily. It is important that students pace themselves to keep up with the course schedule.

Students can expect to spend on average about 10 hours per week completing exercises, assignments, and other course activities.