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hiya, my blog-reading friends:

I hope this sunny day finds you feeling fine. I can’t tell you the boost I get from a day like this! The sun, the sweet-smelling air…I have just spent a huge chunk of the day reading out on my balcony in the sun.

I actually looked up while I was reading and couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to be: a breeze, bright sun, and an enjoyable book: I’m currently reading Sara Ahmed’s book ‘The Promise of Happiness’ for the class I am auditing. I was a little ironic, actually, to be reading a cultural critique on the notion of happiness, while realizing that what I was feeling was, in fact, that amorphous notion: happiness. Happiness: that thing which drives us, the end to which we are all striving. The culturally constructed promise of happiness.

I was living it.

Truly, friends, it’s been quite a week. Regretfully, it hasn’t been hugely productive on the work-front. I have been reading a lot (and really enjoying it), but I had big plans to get my application together for my next ethics review application (I have to resubmit now that I have a new thesis project) – and that didn’t happen.

I have, however, been having a great time — and heck, that’s gotta count for something, right? I’ve had a lot of friends in town this week — one who played a concert at Clark Hall pub on Sunday night, another who played a house-concert here last night… and I have yet another coming on the weekend because he on a book tour to promote his first novel (for those of you who are interested, you can visit Fernwood Publishing’s website here — where you’ll find more info on Chris Benjamin and his new novel, Drive By Saviours).

There is definitely something productive in being around productive people. I find it inspiring to have friends who write songs and perform, who write novels, and who do readings (Lily Hoang’s books launch at Novel Idea last night, by the way, was great — her new book, The Evolutionary Revolution, is really interesting and worth checking out). So even though I haven’t exactly been churning out material this week, there are times where it is important to just immerse oneself in the accomplishments and creativity of others.

Being in graduate school is definitely a bit of a luxury, in that we have the time to do that. Having time to think and read and experience things is a total gift.

And of course, since this is Thanksgiving weekend, it seems fitting that I should close with some exclamation about how thankful I am for all of it… which of course, I am!

I hope you all have fun, fabulous weekends.

(this is me holding my book triumphantly aloft in the sunshine…)

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