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Career Week for the Digital Age

Career Week: October 19-23, 2015 – register here

You probably keep hearing about Career Week – maybe you’ve heard your colleagues talking about it, or maybe you’ve seen posters about it on campus. You’ve definitely received emails alerting you to the benefits of it. You’ve already heard that this is something that’s very useful for graduate students and postdocs. This year the SGS and Career Services have worked together to revamp Career Week and make it more relevant to increasingly tech-mediated experiences of applying your degree to find employment in your field.

This blog post is going to help direct you to the workshops and sessions that are going to serve you best in the digital environment. I wanted to tell you about four main events on this theme that I’m really excited about. And you can check back here next week for some firsthand follow up on as many of these as our Gradifying writers can get out to.


Look Better Online: Personal Branding, a 3-Step Strategy

When: Monday October 19 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202

Presenter: Dr Sidneyeve Matrix

Why: Because, at worst, your digital footprints might be incriminating, taking you out of the running for a job competition before it’s even begun, but at best, your online presence might be an unofficial part of your job application that gives you the edge.

Linked-In Strategy (Advanced)

When: Monday, October 19 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Ellis Hall room 319

Presenter: Julia Blackstock (Queen’s Career Services)

Why: Because we’re all likelier to go with someone or something we know and trust over an unknown quantity. Think about Linked-In not like a job fair, but a tool that can make you known. Bring your own tablet or computer to the session and learn how to reach out just far enough to make the connection that might lead to your next job.


career meme

Streamline your online experience with this year’s Career Week sessions focusing on the parts of the hunt, the interview and everything in between that take place in the digital world.


Speaking to your Strengths with an E-Portfolio: How to create an Effective Digital Portfolio

When: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Where: Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202

Presenters: Dr Sandra den Otter, Dr Rebecca Huegler, Dr Selina Idlas (CTL)

Why: Whether you’re currently in your 1st year or 4th at Queen’s, if you don’t know what a portfolio is, now is the time to learn. A career portfolio is a collection of your education, skills, and samples of your work that demonstrate what you can do. In this workshop the presenters will walk you through what an ePortfolio is, and you will start creating your own with the help of experts!

Graduate & Post-Doctoral Career Week Networking Reception

When: Friday October 23, 4pm – 5:30pm

Where: Agnes Etherington Art Centre Atrium

Why: Put those skills to practice! In the Linkedin Strategy session you will have learned how to use online resources to advance your networking skills. This reception will give you to opportunity to attend to some of the other important skills that real-time face-to-face networking require in addition to those needed for online smoozing.

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One comment on “Career Week for the Digital Age
  1. Colette says:

    Great summary to some of the events next week and I really like your “Why” section. Grad Students and POst-docs can register for these via the expanding Horizons registration system. Hope to see lots of you there and looking forward to your comments on them

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