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January 2021
Director's Message

For 2021, the IIGR is launching a monthly newsletter.  Each newsletter will feature a member of the IIGR team of fellows and associates, current relevant research, and an upcoming event related to intergovernmental relations.  This January 2021 edition will highlight news about the IIGR’s leadership team, a resource for COVID-19 related research compiled by IIGR fellow and Professor Johanne Poirier who is the Peter MacKell Chair in Federalism in the School of Law at McGill University, and a webinar by IIGR fellow and Queen’s University Assistant Professor Kyle Hanniman on fiscal resilience and Canadian provincial debt.

In the Summer 2019 I was approached to take over as director from Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant who now directs the Canadian Public Opinion Research Archive.  During her time as director Professor Goodyear-Grant undertook an important research initiative on Federalism and Democratic Renewal, Federalism and the Welfare State and partnered with the Consortium on Electoral Democracy.  The IIGR was also instrumental in publishing a ground-breaking book by former IIGR Director and former Jarislowsky-Deutsch Chair in Economic and Fiscal Policy at Queen’s University, Professor Emeritus Thomas J. Courchene, entitled Indigenous Nationals, Canadian Citizens that went on to win the Donner Prize, Canada’s foremost award for the best public policy book by a Canadian.

The IIGR recently partnered with the Royal Society of Canada in publishing policy papers created by the COVID-19 Task Force which will also give rise to an IIGR conference webinar series later this year and a book launch at the RSC’s annual Celebration of Excellence and Engagement.  Since becoming director I have started a SSHRC-funded research initiative on mitigating domestic and transnational financial crime (with Associate Dean and Professor of Law Arthur Cockfield) and am continuing research projects on Governing Cyber Security in federal systems (in collaboration with the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Smart Cybersecurity Network at the University of Montreal), and Public Security in Federal Polities, a project run in collaboration with the Forum of Federations, which has also given rise to a book chapter in German on this topic in a separate collaboration with the Forum.  As part of a broader effort by the Director of the School of Policy Studies, Associate Dean and Stouffer-Dunning Chair Professor Warren Mabee for Queen’s University to make a constructive contribution to public policy debates arising out of COVID-19, I started a research project on the area of civil-military relations, specifically on the role of the armed forces in domestic operations in the Canadian federation and elsewhere that has thus far generated a study with CIGI, testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence that was subsequently republished as a commentary by the Macdonald Laurier Institute, two OpEds in the Globe and Mail as well as webinar in the School of Policy Studies’ Contagion Culture Lecture Series.  The IIGR also continues to publish significant research contributions in the area of fiscal federalism and equalization, which the IIGR presaged becoming a major political debate as a result of the fiscal fallout from COVID-induced deficits and changes in resource revenues.

Congratulations to former IIGR Director and Queen’s University VP Sean Conway on his recent appointment to the Order of Ontario and to IIGR collaborator and former Premier of the Yukon Territory Tony Penikett on his appointment as an Officer to the Order of Canada, an honour shared by many other IIGR fellows and former directors, including Ronald Watts, Thomas J. Courchene, Robin Boadway and John Meisel.

New fellows have recently joined the IIGR.  Stéphanie Chouinard is Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College, cross-appointed to Queen’s University and a leading scholar on bilingualism, francophone minorities in Canada outside of Quebec, and multilingual federations.  Holly-Ann Garnett is Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College, cross-appointed to Queen’s University and a leading expert on the cybersecurity of elections who this month took over from Professor Pippa Norris as director of the world-renown Electoral Integrity Project at Harvard University and the University of Sydney.  Thanks to generous support from Donna Watts, the IIGR is also able to sustain and support an exceptional team of undergraduate student researchers.

You are receiving this newsletter because your email address was part of the previous IIGR listserv; should you no longer wish to receive this monthly newsletter, you may unsubscribe at the bottom of the email from which you linked to this page.  Should you wish to subscribe, please email Mary Kennedy  In her role as Administrative Secretary and Publications Coordinator, Mary remains and indispensable enabler of the IIGR’s efforts, activities and network.

Christian Leuprecht
Director, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations
Adjunct Professor, School of Policy Studies and Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University
Class of 1965 Professor in Leadership, Royal Military College of Canada