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The science, policy and technology of the vaccine roll-out

  • Speaker: Kumanan Wilson, Physician/scientist, The Ottawa Hospital, Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Research Associate IIGR, Queen's University, CEO CANImmunize Inc.
  • Co-Host and Moderator: Jane Philpott, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Director, School of Medicine, Queen’s University

The COVID-19 vaccination program is one of the largest and most important health care interventions in our lifetimes.  This presentation will discuss the science of COVID-19 vaccines and the how the vaccine programs will need to be administered and evaluated to be successful.  The presentation will provide an overview of the following: 

  1. Science - mechanism of action of mRNA vaccines, potential for viral transmission after vaccination, herd immunity threshold. 
  2. Policy - federalism challenges in managing immunization programs, mandatory vaccination and immunity passports 
  3. Technology - immunization registries, digital immunization applications, monitoring coverage, safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. 
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