Institute of Intergovernmental Relations


Research Projects

Browse through the links to explore the research projects currently underway by the IIGR.

Federalism and Public Health

The new International Health Regulations focus on public health capacities and networks to prevent and control outbreaks of infectious diseases, including pandemics. 

The Intergovernmental Relations Project is aimed at helping governments and the public to better understand the effects of different types of intergovernmental public health regimes on the public interest.

Energy and Environmental News

Given the growing importance of climate change and the environment, the IIGR has been analyzing and monitoring recent policy debates, developments, and their implications. These issues clearly have implications for intergovernmental relations.

Cross-Provincial Comparison of Health Care Policy Reform in Canada

Why is it so hard to reform health-care policy in Canada?  This research project was launched in the early 2000s. It is based on the findings from 30 case studies that were selected as representative of health-care policy writ-large.