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Course outlines for Winter 2021

Here are course outlines for the winter term 2021. Please note that these outlines are tentative, may be incomplete and may change during the first weeks of classes. We are updating this page frequently. Some course outlines are unavailable at this time.

GRMN 101 Beginner's German I

GRMN 102 Beginner's German II

GRMN 202 Intermediate German II

HEBR 294 Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

INDG 301 001 Hip Hop as a Reclamation

INDG 301 002 Black and Indigenous Poetries

ITLN 112 Beginning Italian II

ITLN 205 Italiano avanzato

LING 320 Phonology

LING 415 Semantics

LING 490 Special Topics in Linguistics

LLCU 110 Linguistic Diversity and Identity

LLCU 200 Semiotics: Interpreting the World

LLCU 203 Cultural Anthropology

LLCU 205 Cultures of a Nation: Germany

LLCU 213 The Social History of Organized Crime in Canada

LLCU 244 Hips Don't Lie?: Music and Culture in Latin America

LLCU 248 Spanish American Cultural Contexts

LLCU 295 001: Contagion Cultures

LLCU 295 002 – Tattoos Across the Globe: Meanings, Motivations, and Identities

LLCU 295 003 Unsettling Museums

LLCU 295 004 Language, Culture & Identity in South Asia

LLCU 301 Oral Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Transmission

LLCU 303 Applied Intercultural Communication

LLCU 320 Fascism in Europe from Napoleon to Hitler

LLCU 370 Indigenous Women and Power

LLCU 395 Artistic Representations of the Spanish Civil War

SPAN 111 Beginning Spanish I

SPAN 112 Beginning Spanish II

SPAN 205 Español avanzado

SPAN 206 Spanish Conversation and Culture

SPAN 302 Gramática avanzada y composición II

SPAN 352 Panorama literario latinoamericano II