Oded Haklai

Oded Haklai

Professor | Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity


PhD (Toronto), MA (UBC), BA (Hebrew)

Political Studies

Comparative Politics, International Relations


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Research Interests

Politics of nationalism and ethnicity; state and majority-minority relations; Middle East politics; politics of Israel; Palestinian-Israeli relations; settlers and territorial disputes

Oded Haklai would be interested in supervising graduate students in the areas of settlers (or population settlements) and territorial conflict.

Brief Biography

Oded Haklai has been teaching at Queen’s since 2004. His book Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel (2011) was awarded the Shapiro Award for best book in Israel Studies. In addition, he has published 3 co-edited volumes on the impact of democratization and ethnic minorities, the politics of settlers in contested lands, and Jewish Israeli – Palestinian relations, as well as over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.  Winner of several prestigious research grants, Haklai has held several visiting fellowships including at the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University, the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University, and the Institute for Security and Conflict Studies at the Elliott School, George Washington University. In 2015, he became the founding Director of the Laboratory for Ethnic Conflict Research at Queen's.

Haklai’s main foci of doctoral supervisions are (1) populations settlements and territorial conflict, (2) the political mobilization of ethnic minorities, and (3) Israeli politics.  


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Service (2023/2024)

  • Director, Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity
  • Departmental Committee
  • Workload Committee

Selected Publications


Settlers in contested lands book  democracy and conflict resolution  democratization of ethnic minorities  Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Isreal


Settlers in Contested Lands: Territorial Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts. Co-edited with Neophytos Loizides (Stanford University Press, 2015). 

Democracy and Protracted Conflict: The Dilemmas of Israel’s Peacemaking. Co-edited with Miriam F. Elman and Hendrik Spruyt (Syracuse University Press, 2014).

Democratization and Minorities: Conflict or Accommodation, co-edited with Jacques Bertrand (Routledge, 2013)

Palestinian Ethnonationalism in Israel (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011).
Winner of the 2012 Shapiro Award from the Association for Israel Studies  

Selected journal articles

"Bound By Tradition: The Exclusion of Minority Ethnonational Parties from Coalition Governments – A Comparison of Israel and Canada,” Ethnopolitics (2016)

"From Independent Statehood to Minority Rights: The Evolution of National Self-Determination as an International Order Principle in the Post State-Formation Era," Ethnopolitics (2015).

“The Arab Minority in Israel: Challenges and Limits in Recent Disciplinary Approaches,” Israel Studies 18: 1 (2013). 

“Authoritarianism and Islamic Movements in the Middle East: Research and Theory-Building in the Twenty-First Century,” International Studies Review 11: 1 (March 2009), 27-45.

“Religious-Nationalist Mobilization and State Penetration: Lessons from Jewish Settler Activism in Israel and the West Bank,” Comparative Political Studies (2007).