Phillip Wood

Professor Emeritus


PhD (Queen's); MA (Essex); BSc (Loughborough)

Political Studies


Brief Biography

Phillip J. Wood was trained as a political scientist in the UK and Canada but is now fully recovered.  He taught at St. Francis Xavier University before coming to Queen’s in 1989. He has published work on the political economy of regional development in the United States and Canada, the politics of occupational health and safety, racial politics in the American South, the American prison-industrial complex, race and incarceration, and the regional impact of globalization, and on several aspects of Marxism.  Current projects deal with the comparative politics of prison privatization, the exceptional state in America, and prison-building as a regional development policy. His teaching file includes courses on American, British and European politics, politics in the American South, American political economy, regional political economy, the New Right, Marxism, contemporary capitalism, the philosophy of the social sciences, political analysis, and statistics. He is currently working on a new upper-year seminar on the politics of prisons.  He would be particularly interested in supervising graduate research that investigates globalization and regional restructuring, the politics of prisons, imprisonment and disfranchisement in the post-Fordist era, the exceptional state in theUS and the UK, the political economy of the American South, and Marxian political economy, especially as it pertains to the topics just listed.  Dr. Wood is a long-distance fan of Bradford (Park Avenue) Association Football Club and semi-professional football generally, and of Yorkshire Cricket Club, and he goes to cheer, and sometimes to despair, whenever he can.

Selected Publications

"Globalization and Uncertainty: The Restructuring of Southern Textiles." Cynthia D. Anderson, Michael D. Schulman, and Phillip J. Wood.  Social Problems 48: 4, November 2001, pp. 479-499.

"The Rise of the Prison-Industrial Complex in the United States" in Andrew Coyle, Allison Campbell and Rodney Neufeld, (eds.), Capitalist Punishment: Prison Privatization and Human Rights. (Atlanta, GA and London: Clarity Press and Zed Books, 2003), pp. 16-29

"Historical Materialism”.  In Valerie Bryson and Georgina Blakeley (eds.), Marx and Other Four-Letter Words.  London: Pluto Press, 2005, pp. 12-27.

“Geographical-Historical Materialism and the Social Production of Space:  Why Do Regional Accumulation Strategies Persist in a Globalized World?” (Studies in Marxism)

"Cultivating Voters: The Social Relations of Agriculture and Racial Politics in the New South". (Review of Radical Political Economics