Congratulations to Darian Baskatawang, a Queen's Department of Political Studies alum, on winning a 2023 Precedent Setter Award from Precedent Magazine!  Baskatawang was named one of six outstanding lawyers in their first 10 years of practice with legal expertise and meaningful contributions to community.

From his award profile:

"Today, Baskatawang, age 26, is a second-year associate at Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP, one of the country’s top firms in Aboriginal law and Indigenous rights. His caseload includes some land-claim and child-welfare work, but he currently devotes the bulk of his time to a major class-action settlement. In 2021, the federal government agreed to compensate Indigenous people who’ve been denied access to clean, safe drinking water on reserve. To ensure people receive the appropriate restitution—not just for subpar water access, but also for associated health and psychological traumas—Baskatawang travels from nation to nation across Canada and meets with class members. He explains their rights and helps them submit their claim forms."

See the full Precedent Magazine article here.   


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