Dr. Leuprecht speaks with the Roy Green Show about China's increasing encroachment on to Taiwanese territory. 

Professor Christian Leuprecht. Professor at both Queens and RMC, Senior fellow at the Nato War College in Rome. How far will China go? - Roy Green Show - Omny.fm


Post-doctoral candidate Tim Abray talks about the return of MPPs to Queen's Park in the summer, and what it could mean for the leaderless New Democratic Party.  

August 8, 2022: MPP's prepare to return to Queen's Park | Ontario Morning from CBC Radio with Ramraajh Sharvendiran | Live Radio | CBC Listen

Additionally, Tim Abray comments on the throne speech and says the lack of urgency in the policy points was the most surprising aspect of the blueprint presented by the Ontario Government.  

Ontario throne speech criticized for lack of health-care solutions | CBC.ca

CBC News: The World at Six with Susan Bonner | Live Radio | CBC Listen

On "Wednesday in the World with Dave Carr", Tim Abray takes calls from listeners and explores the political unrest in Canadian politics.

Wednesday in the World with Dave Carr | 560 CFOS


Dr. Leuprecht talks about the RCMP's use of cellphone spyware, and the launch of a parliamentary committee that will look into the use of the controversial technology.  

Parliamentary committee to begin study of RCMP’s use of cellphone spyware – Winnipeg Free Press

Rattrapage du 9 août 2022 : Perquisition chez Donald Trump, et emploi de logiciels espions par la GRC (radio-canada.ca)


To close out the week, Dr. Leuprecht talks with CTV National News about why the major power outage in Toronto happened.

CTV News | Watch news from Canada and around the world